Thursday, 25 November 2010

Guatemalan Shark Fishery

This week I went with Luke & Mel to check out rumours of turtle oil being sold at Puerto San Jose.... although we didn't have any luck finding the oil the trip turned out to be an eye opener. In just one of the fish landing bays was an array of endangered and internationally protected species: numerous juvenile sharks, sub-adult sharks with their fins removed, sailfish, and we even managed to get shark finning on video. A fairly gruesome place and shocking to have an implication of how many sharks Guatemala is removing from the ocean each day, month and year without any quota. More trips are on the agenda and this is just the start of investigating the extent of shrk finning and shark fisheries in Guatemala. Watch this space and we'll keep you updated.

Juvenile sharks landed at Puerto San Jose

Sharks with their fins removed & more juveniles

Showing off the catch - a beautiful sailfish

2010 Turtle Season

A big hola from Pacific Guatemala!

As the project has not officially been operating this season we have relied on a few dedicated volunteers to take the reins for us... Leon (UK) stayed for 4 months and worked with Bernado (the hatchery manager) in La Barrona. Luke and Mel (Oz) then joined Leon for his final month, and between the three of them they have burried a tonne of eggs in the hatchery. Akazul want to say a massive thankyou to the three of them as their contribution to the community, hatchery and turtles has been exceptional.

Leon, Luke and Mel with Bernado's family

Parlama nesting (photo by Luke)