Friday, 10 June 2011

High seas and flooding


Unfortunately ill fortune has fallen on Guatemala's coast again... after a mad month of stranded sea turtles, the ocean has been unleashed full force on La Barrona- home of Akazul's project. Due to some heavy action way out in the Pacific ocean, a large south-westerly swell has been pushed towards Central America. Due to the relatively beach topography, geographical location of La Barrona (SW facing), and the large swell period- waves are battering the village head on.

Community members trying to buffer the waves with sand bags

For the last week Akazul staff and volunteers have been working round the clock to help local community members to protect their homes. Very sadly, one of La Barrona's kindest and humble inhabitants- Don Roberto (a true legend), has been the worst affected. Him and his family have lost part of their house to the sea and have had to abandon it, leaving them homeless. Our deepest sympathies go out to him and his family. We will do everything we can to help him during this time.

View up La Barrona beach

Fingers crossed that the swell drops off soon...

To end on a positive note, Akazul are pleased to welcome our first volunteers of the season. Jess (Oz) and Zander (USA) have arrived in not the most ideal of situations but have got really stuck in by helping the community and we are really pleased to have them working with us. We are looking forward to things calming down and, fingers crossed, to a fantastic turtle season!

Best wishes from the Akazul team